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Fresh approach, effective results

  • Increasing Minimum Wage

    The minimum wage increase sucessfully passed; gradual increase to $10.10, with a tip credit trigger to help small busniess
  • Improving Public Education

    With three of my own children currently in the public school system quality education is a high priority. I have used a fresh approach in working hard with teachers, principals, board members, department heads, and community leaders to find innovative ways to further improve all aspects of our communities' public schools for all of our keiki.
  • Real Affordable Housing

    Finding truly affordable housing is a great challenge for many families including my own. I am heavily involved in helping find creative and viable options that can start the process of bringing more affordable homes to the community now.
  • Parks and Recreation Areas

    We in the community enjoy the outdoors. Our parks and recreation areas are great resources for us. We know that more parks are needed. I am very active and have helped aggregate funding to bring responsible recreational facilities and parks to the Central Maui area.
  • Caring for Our Kupuna

    Our Kupuna have contributed much to get us to where we are today. As they pass the torch it is our kuleana to now ensure a quality way of life in their golden years. I had the privilege of sitting on the Majority Caucus Committee which helped craft and pass legislation to provide funding for an array of programs to assist our kupuna.
  • Road Repair

    We all utilize the roads. The Maui delegation together helped secure monies to repair and responsibly expand many of our thoroughfares, such as Puunnene and South Kamehameha Ave. We utilized a fresh practice of neutral deficit spending to ensure that monies for critical needs, such as road repair, was spent in an efficient and effective way.
  • Growing Small Businesses

    Its important to take a long look at the policies currently in place and its important to continue to find new and innovative ways to stimulate growth.
  • Diversify Job Oppurtunity

    By exploring options to boost job opportunity we can ensure a stable future for Hawaii.
  • Protecting worker rights and benefits

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